Canada’s The Globe & Mail reported today that a Panamanian coffee, a little-known Coffea Arabica cultivar called Geisha, received a world record auction price at $50.25 a pound (and this is for unroasted green beans, folks): : Panamanian specialty coffee smashes world price record. A lot of this year’s Geisha rated at 94.6 pts on a 100-point coffee tasters scale.

Geisha coffee has an Ethiopian heritage — even though most Ethiopians have never heard of it. It was first brought to Panama from Costa Rica in 1963. By several accounts, Panamanian Geisha (and Daniel Price Peterson’s Hacienda Esmeralda in particular) has been regarded as the world’s best coffee for several years running.

For those privileged enough to taste it (I have not), it apparently has an amazing level of character and immense brightness/acidity. It undoubtedly exhibits flavors most coffee drinkers have never tasted before.

Last year’s crop fetched a then-record $20.10 per pound, but now $50.25? And on the heel’s of a $49.75/lb Brazilian Cup of Excellence? How long before we start hearing rumors of the high-end specialty coffee bubble?