An article in yesterday’s ThePilot of the North Carolina Sandhills tells the story of how a Victoria Arduino espresso machine made its way from Torino, Italy to Incredible Edibles of Pinehurst, NC — placing the coffee shop on the noteworthy American espresso map: Dolce Vita Right Here at Home – The Pilot Newspaper – Local News.

Just an espresso machine, you say? The Victoria Arduino originated in Torino a century ago. It’s an exquisite machine of classic manufacturing and beauty, held in high regard among many espresso aficionados, and immortalized in advertising prints from the 1920s.

There are some 100 numbered Victoria Arduino machines currently in use, and this is the story of #55. Machine #1 is rumored to be in use at the Vatican for pulling Holy Papal espresso shots. (There is something of what may have once been a Victoria Arduino currently at SF’s Tosca Cafe — but it’s only an unnumbered, garage sale shell of the machine’s past glory.)

Of course, I love a special espresso machine as much as the next guy. But if only great grinders got half the love espresso machines receive — especially given that they contribute arguably half of the machine element required for making great espresso.

The immortal Victoria Arduino poster