The Great Escapes Web site, part of the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, posted a “Culinary Traveler” article yesterday on a Seattle tour of coffee: Seattle, cup by steaming cup: A coffee tour. (The article was also printed in yesterday’s Long Beach Press-Telegram). The Web site even provides an interactive Flash tour.

Seattle is a coffee-obsessed town. But outside of a few places that truly do make some of the best espresso in the country — to perhaps peel back the Seattle myth for a moment — most of the coffee people drink here is no better than what people drink anywhere else. Hence I am unsure how a travel writer could pen an article on Seattle coffee while wholly neglecting to mention Zoka Coffee and Espresso Vivace, for example. But no matter.

Included in the article are mentions of the Elliott Bay Book Co., The Essential Bakery Cafe, Le Panier, Zeitgeist Coffee, Edmonds’ Waterfront Coffee Company, and, oddly enough, Tully’s Coffee. Perhaps calling this a coffee shop tour would have been more appropriate. It’s certainly not the list I’d choose, so use at your own risk.