Next to the “Psycho Safeway” (where waiting in line at night is far more entertaining than any reality TV show could ever be), this is a busy Peet’s with often long lines of neighborhood loyals.

They offer a bit of window counter seating, some minimal table seating in the back, and plenty of outdoor table and benches among “Please Do Not Feed The Birds” signs in the Potrero Center. There’s a “Peet’s At Home” retail wall at the entrance, and, like some other Peet’s, they play the classical music tape loop overhead. (Though unlike Starbucks, it’s not for sale.)

Daylight - a good time to not worry about conversations with the Safeway customers Long lines overwork the old La Marzocco in back

This Peet’s uses an older, three-group La Marzocco, which they effectively have to run on only two groups so they can commit one end of the machine as a milk frothing station. With two people sometimes working the machine simultaneously during busy hours, the turnover can be a little slow.

They pull espresso shots with a medium-to-dark brown bare crema that dissolves away as quickly as you pick it up off the counter. Served in Peet’s own branded cups. Though it has a weaker body than many Peet’s, it still has a solid pungent flavor with some brightness. (The weaker body combined with a bolder flavor makes for a slightly odd-tasting beverage, though.)

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The Potrero Peet's espresso: don't blink, as the crema vanishes before your eyes