Just when you thought you’ve seen the worst of consumer convenience knock-offs trying to cash in on the higher-end espresso drink craze: New! Stomping Grounds Liquid Espresso-to-Latte Concentrate Now on Store Shelves in Los Angeles.

Yes, the ad wizards who brought us Oregon Chai decided to offer us espresso latte concentrate. All you do is add milk. Mmmm-mmmm. Espresso from a tube never tasted so good.

And if that wasn’t enough, today we also had the announcement of microwaveable espresso: Industry’s first innovative Micro-Brew technology, experience the disposable true pressure brew cup of Espresso or Latte. Meanwhile, on Wall Street today, landfill futures have gone through the roof.

Every time I wonder if we’ve taken the elevator to Dante’s ninth circle of espresso hell, I realize that haven’t even made it past the gift shop yet.