This location of the Martha & Brothers chain opened in late 2005. It has the usual Martha & Bros. Latin feel — down to many of the Spanish-speaking patrons from the Outer Mission. It also feels new and clean inside, with wide windows in front and copper wrapped around the coffee bar.

They have several small indoor café tables, a sofa, large still lifes on the walls, and two benches on the sidewalk out front. The midday sounds of KOIT radio may make you want to slit your wrists, but it’s a pleasant place for coffee in the Excelsior — a neighborhood that has long lamented its lack of a decent neighborhood espresso.

Martha & Bros. on lower Mission St. Inside Martha & Bros.

Using a three-group Faema E91 Ambassador, they pull modest-sized espresso shots with a medium brown, swirled crema of decent thickness. It has that Martha & Brothers darkly roasted aroma and flavor along with a bolder taste of tobacco. The body is solid too, but there’s also the annoying Martha & Bros. habit of serving only in paper cups.

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Martha & Bros. three-group Faema The Martha & Bros. espresso