Today, Canada’s Tandem Online featured a story on the evolution of home espresso machine design: Raising the bar for espresso machines – Milan architect continues series of user-friendly designs – Tandem – Online magazine.

Ten years ago, Luca Trazzi, a Milan architect and designer, joined forces with Trieste-based FrancisFrancis (founded in 1994 by Francesco Illy, of the Illy fame) and designed the X1 model. This espresso machine comes in an all-metal body and bright colors, and it raised the bar for home espresso machine design.

Mr. Trazzi is now working on the new X6 model — which will be made from a combination of ABS plastic and chrome. Not exactly a step up. Nor is the fact that the X6 is designed to serve the ubiquitously bland coffee pods that have come to define mainstream espresso machine marketing of late.