Tomorrow, several publications will carry a story by Moira Herbst from the Columbia News Service on the growing trend of consumer coffee cupping: Does coffee make you crazy? (The Arizona Republic). The article also touches on the extremes to which consumers are pursuing their love of a good cup of coffee.

The irony here is that much of the coffee cupping “ceremony” has been traditionally focused on industry professionals tasting for defects — not necessarily on enjoying a good cup. Some aspects of coffee cupping are akin to a wine taster pouring a cabernet through his or her socks to test the wine’s viscosity — and then repeating that in wine bars as if it were something pleasurable.

Regardless of how people get their coffee fix, it’s also clear that the author is something of a recent journalism school graduate. For example, she credits Google with the newsgroup in the mid-1990s — eventhough Google did not exist as a company until September 1998. (Not to mention that Usenet and newsgroups existed for decades before Google was created.) So read it cum grano salis (with a grain of salt).