This casual, Latino owned and operated breakfast café has the interior look of a rustic hunting lodge — minus the moose heads. Outside there are a few tables and chairs along the sidewalk. But inside you’ll find an interior of wood and stone, a faux fireplace, chess players, chocolate “cornetti” (croissants), and even an occasional patron knitting.

Entrance to The Grove Fillmore The Grove Fillmore's three-group Rancilio

The barista takes the necessary time with the pour from a three-group Rancilio — serving espresso with a dark brown, mottled crema. The crema is denser — with lipids suspended in it — and it avoids being too thin despite being stretched over a wider-brimmed cup. A rich, smooth flavor suggests spiced vanilla. Surprisingly good and definitely recommended.

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All it needs is a moose head The Grove Fillmore espresso