McDonald’s Corporation’s financial vital signs have kept worried investors up at night in recent years. Lacking same-store growth momentum, McDonald’s managed to find growth overseas … until international markets started to quickly saturate. McDonald’s has been making death rattle noises on the retail fast food market ever since.

McDonald’s slowly recognized that they were losing a great share of the convenience food business to expanding behemoths such as Starbucks. So after several failed attempts to capture interest in this evolving consumer market, including the ill-fated McCafé, McDonald’s decided to introduce better coffee to their stores last month.

This time, the early results seem quite positive, including this latest headline: McDonald’s CEO says recent coffee sales have ‘skyrocketed’ – MarketWatch. Same-store breakfast sales were up 8 percent in March. Of course, McDonald’s is now backpedalling somewhat, implying that nothing was ever wrong with their coffee to begin with. They just didn’t “focus attention” on it.

One can only guess what McDonald’s might be like if they “focused their attention” on their food.