Coca-Cola continues its coffee beverage push, recently announcing a drink to be launched in July that’s “more decadent than just plain coffee”: New coffee launched by Coca-Cola and Godiva – Drinks Business Review. Undoubtedly, it will be another Coca-Cola BlāK — meaning that we should expect consumers’ short attention spans to give this a shelf life until about September 2006.

In other news, Chinese President Hu Jintao is making the rounds with Bill Gates, espousing the virtues of Starbucks Coffee: China’s Hu turns Starbucks promoter at Gates dinner – Apr. 19, 2006. What nobody bothered to ask Hu was whether he meant the U.S.-based corporation or the Mandarin phonetic knock-off, Shanghai Xingbake. A fair question, given that Bill Gates is only hanging out with the guy to convince him that software piracy is a bad thing. It’s easy to forget that the concept of property ownership — let alone intellectual property ownership — isn’t exactly second nature to a nation of 1.2 billion Communists.