Today’s Boston Globe featured a few good articles on the few espresso purveyors in Greater Boston and New York City who are out to set the standard properly: A shot at perfection – The Boston Globe.

The U.S. East Coast has been in the Espresso Dark Ages for far too long. As quoted in the article, one of the problems is that so few people have actually had good espresso — especially on the East Coast. Otherwise, how would one know that a good espresso isn’t bitter — and, even more suprising, can be naturally sweet enough to not need added sugar?

All is not lost back east, though, as there are a few who are out to set a higher bar. The article makes reference to Boston’s Simon’s Coffee Shop, nearby roaster Terrior Coffee Company, and New York City’s Ninth Street Espresso, Gimme! Coffee, and Joe the Art of Coffee.

Today’s Boston Globe also featured brief articles on a few places in Boston and New York with a “good reputation and an espresso focus” (True brew – The Boston Globe) and inexpensive equipment for making decent coffee (though not espresso) at home (These coffee makers blend taste, efficiency – The Boston Globe).