Today’s New York Daily News claims “New York is, and always has been, a coffee town.” In the few times I’ve scouted much of Manhattan and Brooklyn in search of good coffee over the past few years, my conclusion is that “New York is, and always has been, a bad coffee town.” Award-winners from New York magazine, The Village Voice, and other souces served marginally good espresso even by SF’s sketchy standards. Many of these places closed within a year or two of receiving their recognition. But there are signs that things are changing for the better.

Among its eight million residents, a handful of New Yorkers are fortunate enough to live within the right ZIP code or within access of the right public transportation — as there are a few professionals in town who seem to know what decent coffee should taste like. Some of these professionals made the Daily News‘ article on the New York coffee scene: New York Daily News – Home – Something’s brewing.

The cafés and coffeehouses noted in the article include: Cafe Sabarsky, Cafe Grumpy, Jack’s Stir-Brewed Coffee, Gimme! Coffee, Caffe Capri, Brasil Coffee House, and Ninth Street Espresso.