From today’s The Gazette, a primer on a few international coffee options in Montreal, Canada: How do you take your coffee?

The article includes example cafés, and customs, for Italy, Arabia, Greece, and Vietnam:

  • Cafe Milano: Just as no Italian will be caught in “short pants” after the age of 11, no Italian will be caught with milk in their espresso after 11am.
  • Jounieh: Arabic coffee in the home is traditionally served by the host, and the eldest or most important person in the room is served first. The amount of sugar served with the coffee also reflects the solemnity of the occasion.
  • Zorba’s Remezzo Cafe-Resto: In addition to the traditional Greek coffee (and the dozens of ways that you can prepare it), the Greek frappe has become popular with the younger crowd as a bitter and sweet mixture of “coffee” (i.e., instant crystals) and condensed milk. Just don’t clear away the dishes too soon. And your fortune can be read in the residue of your coffee cup like tea leaves.
  • Pho Cali: If you grew up drinking only robusta coffee, should we be surprised that you almost always drink it with condensed milk to soften the harshness of the beans? You also don’t drink Vietnamese coffee if you’re in a rush; it typically takes 10 minutes for the coffee to drip through the filter.