From the Sarasota Herald Tribune, Coca-Cola has revealed a little more of their latest beverage play in the hopes of cashing in on consumer interest in specialty coffee. Coke Blāk (no, I am not making this up) is scheduled to hit U.S. store shelves April 3: Meet Coke Blak: Soda with a coffee kick.

According to Coca-Cola, the coffee-flavored beverage will have “fewer calories but more caffeine than regular Coke.” Apparently, whether or not it tastes like shoe polish will only be of secondary importance to consumers.

Refrigerated beverage fads come and go faster than Pepsi A.M. So what really makes me curious is what Coke still has up their sleeves — given all their recent patent applications for single-serving coffee pods, pod brewing systems, and a system for steaming milk.

UPDATE: Aug. 31, 2007
Beverage giants introduce and discontinue products more and more like movie production companies, and coffee flavoring was just one of the many fads. According to yesterday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Coke’s Blāk turned out to be a lot more wishful hype than real consumer interest or sales: Coke Blak goes dark | Coke has pulled the plug on the product and is now concentrating on selling the remaining inventory in clearance-sale fashion.