Quiet, semi-private coffee house with many plants and stained tables indoors. Sky-blue ceiling adds to the tropical theme. Minimal outdoor seating (no tables). They occasionally offer a free chair massage.

Café Que Tal formerly used Mr. Espresso beans, then switched to Vigal, and more recently they switched back again. They pull shots from a two-group Faema Due, grinding to order, but they also unnecessarily pour first in a small metal pitcher. Yet it comes with a rather rich crema that can vary from a darker brown to a mottled medium brown. Very smooth and mellow flavor of a mild spiced molasses.

It’s not quite what you’d expect: it’s muted and not very bold, but the mellowness grows on you. Like a kamikaze-sweet cocktail, you can down a few of these before the caffeine suddenly hits you with the realization that you’ve had a lot of coffee. Served in finer matching Homer Laughlin or Tuxton china.

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