A shout out to CoffeeRatings.com in the March 2006 issue of San Francisco magazine (page 40): THE HOT SPOTS – One-shot wonders – San Francisco magazine. (Update: someone thankfully posted a graphical version of the print story as well.)

Friends in the area have asked me since this article was published, “Did you really walk 500 miles?” What? And take MUNI instead? Even after then-mayor Willie Brown proved that it is about as fast as walking … and yet far more dangerous?

Truth be known, I have a collection of used Fast Passes dating back to 2000. (Hey, it’s not garbage — I’m supporting The Arts.) So I am no stranger to MUNI — even in its worst days of the late 1990s. (I am still haunted by nightmares of the regular hour-plus no shows of the J Church during rush hour.) But the best way to really get the lay of the land and uncover espresso shops in every dark corner of the city is to do so on foot.

Average a mile every other day for almost three years, and it adds up. Even if I don’t have the pedometer to prove it. Though the permanent damage that many of these cafés did to my taste buds and central nervous system is a different story…