Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer published an article that shows there’s more to Philly coffee than La Colombe Torrefaction: Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/23/2006 | International coffees.

They review a number of different international styles of coffee available in the area, including the following:

  • RoseLena’s old Viennese-style coffeehouse
  • Ray’s Cafe & Tea House for $8-a-cup Jamaican Blue Mountain and Vietnamese-style coffee
  • Nam Phuong, Cafe Diem, Cafe Nhu Y, and Vietnam for Vietnamese-style coffee
  • Estia and Jovan’s Place for Greek or Turkish coffee
  • Tierra Colombiana for the true Colombian style specialty

The article also makes mention of Joe Sheridan, who in 1952 supposedly helped to first introduce Irish coffee to the U.S. at the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco. Today’s San Francisco Chronicle coincidentally published an article on adulterated coffee: Coffee drinks give ‘I’m buzzed’ a double meaning.

My favorite quote in the article?:

A coffee drink can be as simple as pouring a shot of liquor into a cup of coffee — the Italians call this “caffe corretto,” or “corrected coffee,” which is funny because Italian coffee rarely needs correction, whereas coffee in American bars is often delinquent or even outright felonious.