Today Krups issued a recall for a not inexpensive line of espresso makers: Krups Orchestro Espresso Makers Recalled.

The reason for the recall? Apparently, these machines run the risk of spontaneously bursting into flames. However, the company has not issued a recall on the basis of these machines spontaneously producing good espresso. Probably because there is little, if any, risk of that ever happening with a Krups machine.

Many first-time home espresso machine buyers have a Krups story to tell. My first espresso machine story also involves a Krups. But rather than buying one, it was a gift from a friend who held a “house cooling” party to rid himself of all his 110-volt appliances before moving to London. Fortunate for him, he was living over 5,000 miles away from having to hear me complain about the ashy-liquid-producing doorstop he left in my kitchen.