Today’s Houston Chronicle featured an article on the 343-year-old Torino café institution, Al Bicerin, and their namesake drink for all the newfound Olympic tourists: Al Bicerin’s coffee concoction can’t be topped.

Even if a Bicerin is more of a coffee cocktail, you have to appreciate perhaps the most poignent part of the article:

You cannot get a Bicerin “to go.” Styrofoam and paper cups would be an insult and take away from the full experience.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press has searched far and wide to find a person who doesn’t like Bicerin, and their hard research paid off in Dennis van Putten of the Netherlands: No Medal For Torino Coffee. Pulitzers to be awarded shortly for this exposé…

UPDATE: 15-Feb-2006:
From the Toronto Star, a recipe for how to fake the home version of Bicerin: Hot chocolate coffee a winner in Turin.