This just in from Yahoo! Finance: Sara Lee US Retail Coffee Brands Purchased by Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Group.

The Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Group is a relatively upscale brand. Particularly in this country. So what the heck are they doing buying out one of The Big Four — the world’s quadumvirate of crude, mass production coffee? Undoubtedly, Segafredo Zanetti isn’t going downmarket. Rather, we can only guess that they are adding markets that will leverage their existing distribution systems for profits.

Even so, it does raise the question of whether their flagship product will suffer the fate of a business extending too far for quantity — and losing quality in the process. Just think “Hills Bros.” and “Chock full o’Nuts” (huh?!) the next time you stop into one of their patented red and black cafés.

Segafredo Zanetti’s current TV ad campaign in Italy brands them with the slogan, “Da una passione vera, il caffè più autentico” — which translates roughly to, “From a true passion, the most genuine coffee.” I suppose if you consider a Hills Bros. Cappuccino the real deal, this acquisition is chock full o’sense.

Who doesn't want a resealable cappuccino?