Today the New York Sun published a nice introductory article on “Good Coffee 101” — underscoring how the art and science of quality coffee is fast approaching territory once familiar to only wine connoisseurs.

As I’ve referenced before, the coffee quality in New York City is seriously unbefitting a city of its size and stature (Gorilla Coffee, cited below, along with Ninth Street Espresso, being the only noteworthy exceptions in a city of so many elites). The article wisely steers clear of New York City’s coffee wasteland and instead interviews some heavy hitters in the quality coffee trade: Duane Sorenson, Ted Lingle, David Schomer, and James Freeman. The emphasis is on home coffee preparation and different roasting styles.

You can find the source of the article here: The Rebirth of Joe. The New York Sun unfortunately requires registration for the full article, yet you can find the full text elsewhere on the Internet. Here’s an example: The Rebirth of Joe.